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Diamond Cutting and Drilling of Concrete

Today diamond cutting and drilling of concrete is an integral part of construction processes. In the first turn, it is necessary for utility, ventilation and other network engineering not only at reconstruction of buildings and premises, but also at new construction (change of project, additional installations or just have forgotten).

The most important advantage of diamond cutting and drilling is accuracy. That is you obtain the orifice of necessary dimensions and in the needed place. At method of punching by chisel" you receive additional expenditures for adjusting the orifice to the needed dimensions and shape, closing extra dimensions, repairing splits-off and breaches, cutting of adapter fittings and other things that were not punched, remove wastes, crushed particles, and dust.

Besides, terms of works performance is worth of concerning. Even in the most highly reinforced armored concrete one CEDMA drilling system for a working shift makes from 10 up to 15 orifices with depth of 200-300 mm.

At performance of works with using diamond technique the so called integrity of processed elements is saved. This means complete absence of unwished damages. The given feature is very important at drilling and cutting of cast reinforced concrete, especially wet one.

Field of Use

At equipping a building with heating and sanitary systems:

orifices in flooring for pipes of uprises;

orifices for installation of heating devices;

orifices for installation of sanitary and technical devices;

orifices and bore holes for piping;

orifices for assembling inner dropping pipe of flat-deck roofs;

orifices for hoses of warm-air heating;

orifices for installation of sinks and shower cabins;

orifices in basements for connection of heating and water supply systems    of the building to city mains;

orifices for installation of automated fire-fighting systems;


At equipment of the building with ventilation and conditioning systems:

perforations in chief walls for horizontal fresh air conduits;

perforations in floorings for vertical fresh air conduits;

perforations for vent valves;

vent-holes for systems of natural ventilation;

orifices for installation of split-systems;

orifices in outer walls for installation of external unit of conditioner;


At equipment of the building with low-voltage current circuits:

perforations in chief walls for layout of cable trays of automated fire-fighting systems;

perforations in chief walls for layout of cable trays of hidden video surveillance systems and     

perforations in chief walls for layout of cable trays of centralized conditioning control systems;

recesses for hidden installation of video surveillance systems;


At equipping the building with different constructions:

orifices for installation of hand railings at stair flights and fence railings;

orifices for installation of decorative constructions inside public buildings;

orifices for installation of technologic equipment of different purposes.

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Package Job Contract

Prague Shopping Mall
Syvashska Str. , 1-a, Kyiv
Customer: RIVIER Ltd.

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Velyka Kyshenia Supermarket Network
Glushkova Str., 36

in detail


Office Center
Verkhnyi Val Str., 72
Customer: CJSC "Instytut Khliboproduktiv"

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Interior Decoration

Office of Velyka Kyshenia Supermarket Netwrok
Customer: JSC Kviza

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Industrial Floor

Logistic Center
The city of Boryspil

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Current Construction

MAXWELL Scientific,
Research and Industrial Complex
the city of Boryspil,
Shevchenko Street, 100

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Trading and Entertainment
The city of Berdiansk
Customer: Velyka Kyshenia
Companies Group

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